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To my fellow fishing and boating community,

I know that there are many of you out there that may have some free time but will opt out of going fishing or boating due to the challenges and stressors of launching and docking a boat by yourself. This is one of the main reasons I was looking for a way to make it easy to launch and dock a boat without needing assistance from anyone else.

My name is Mike Olsen, and I am the creator and founder of the new patent pending Dock-It LauncherTM solo launching and docking device. I have been an avid fisherman for many years, I’ve launched several different kinds of boats, and have tied up to just about every kind of dock there is to be found on any given body of water. I am very aware of the challenges that launching and docking boats can present to the beginner, to weekend warriors, and even to seasoned veterans. Since every boat launch and dock will have their own personality, what might work for one dock may not work on the dock that is immediately next to it. There will always be challenges with trying to get everything “just right” for a good launch and dock tie-up.

One of the leading stressors with launching a boat is that there is often someone else waiting (impatiently) for you to get launched and out of the way so that they can launch their boat. It is no secret that boat launches bring out the worst in people – I have seen buddies get mad at each other, husbands, wives, and families argue with each other, grandparents get angry in front of their grandchildren, and fellow boaters have words with each other. What should be a fun and relaxing outing on the water often starts off exactly opposite of what you had hoped for. The saying “the tone of the day is determined at the launch” is so true!

The anger and the “choice” words that tend to be very free-flowing at launches could be greatly reduced by one thing – having a simple way to quickly launch a boat and secure it to the dock, whether you are alone or have others to assist you. With Dock-It LauncherTM you will be able to launch and dock your boat quickly at just about any dock, and you will be able to eliminate the additional worry of securing your boat to the dock with a rope and a "questionable" knot (since knots often loosen and fail). Not only will Dock-It LauncherTM help you begin your outing on a good note, but it will also simplify things when you return to the dock by providing a way to quickly secure your boat while you retrieve your vehicle and trailer from the parking lot.

I’m confident that you will appreciate how Dock-it LauncherTM simplifies launching and docking. I also know that you will find many other “non-launching” and “non-docking” uses that the kit can provide (both on and off the water). The inexpensive and compact Dock-It LauncherTM kit is to a boat owner, what jumper cables are to an automobile owner – something that every boater should have onboard with them!

Thank you for your interest & enjoy a safe day on the water!


Dock-It Launcher, LLC