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OTHER USES FOR DOCK-IT LAUNCHER™ KIT DEVICES  (See other uses pictured in the "How to and other uses" video on the home page)

  • Secure your boat to a dock several ways: Attach one loop to the front cleat/rail of the boat then connect to a dock cleat/piling/railing and attach the other loop to the back cleat/rail of the boat and then connect to a dock cleat/piling/rail -OR- Attach the double-loop cord from the front cleat/rail of the boat to the back cleat/rail then secure the boat to the dock by placing the cord over pilings/posts or by attaching to it to dock cleats.
  • Hang bumpers off side of the boat for protection: Use the two continuous loops to connect boat to the dock and then connect the double-loop cord to the front and rear cleats/rails of the boat and hang bumpers from the cord (with the snap clips) for boat protection.
  • Boat tie-ups: Use the loops to connect the cleat/rails of the boats together and then use the double-loop cord and snap clips to hang bumpers between the boats for protection.
  • Boat rafting: Use the loops or the double-loop cord, connect one boat to the dock and use the other device(s) to connect 2nd boat to the outside of the docked boat.
  • Assists with partner launching and docking: connect the double-loop cord to the front and rear cleats/rail of the boat and have a partner hold the double-loop cord while the boat is being launched. Once the boat is floating it will allow for your partner to easily hold and control the boat next to the dock while the tow-vehicle is being parked.
  • Assists with loading your boat when a strong wind or a strong current is present: If the wind or current is challenging the boat from centering on the trailer while loading the boat and pulling out, attach the loop device to the rear cleat/rail on the windward/current side of the boat and have a partner pull with steady pressure while the trailer is pulling out.
  • Attach waterside objects to your boat:  Use the devices for hanging fish baskets off the side of the boat, attaching drift-socks for fishing, and connecting water toys/rafts off the side of the boat while sitting idle or while anchored (*these devices are not to be used for towing).
  • Use devices for better anchor holding power: Use devices in combination with an anchor/rope as a shock-absorber so that the anchor holds better in waves.  (Also can be used to attach to a sand point anchor for shallow beaching). 
  • Secures your gear: Use devices for securing gear in the boat while trailering and/or while motoring on the water.
  • Use at your basecamp: Once you are back to your shoreline destination use the devices as a clothesline for drying out gear.

Use your imagination:

By having different sized shock cords, spring clips, a steel ring, and a Gear-Tie with you, you will be able to rig them for many uses and solve many problems!  ....things that a simple rope will never do!

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